Forklift licence

Terms and Conditions

All students will require a USI in order to get their certificates on the day , this information has been sent to you and this only takes a few minutes. If you do not have a USI by the time you do your SafeWork NSW assessment then you will not receive your licence papers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure you have booked into the correct course. Booking an Express Advanced or Advanced course when you should have booked a Standard course may result in other avoidable fees. Please read your terms and conditions carefully.




Non attendance / Lateness

Access of materials

Course timings and duration

Course Option Information

Pre- Course Requirements for Advanced and Express Advanced Options

Advanced Course: If you booked into the advanced courses then you must ensure that your Student Workbook has been completed prior to commencing your course, and that you meet the requirements of this course, otherwise you will be required to change to the standard course and pay a fee of $60 on arrival and before commencing your course.

Express Advanced Course: you will be required to complete your two online quizzes AND received a mark of 100% for them prior to attending your course. You must also meet the course requirements, or you will be required to either change to the Advanced Course and Pay $150 (if you have completed theMultiple choice quiz, but not the written answer quiz) or to the Standard and pay $170 (if you have not completed either quiz) - please consider this carefully. Changing on arrival (due to not meeting requirements) will mean that you will end up paying more for your course.

Changing Course Options and Course Requirements

Unit of Competency (UOC) Assessment Requirement

ALL COURSES HAVE two UOC assessments. Meeting the requirements of the UOC assessments means that you have a great chance of passing your SafeWork NSW Assessment.

Other Important Information

SafeWork NSW Assessment Terms

SafeWork NSW tests are booked in only once you have met the requirements of the course including passing both Theory and Practical UOC assessments. SafeWork NSW tests have strict Identification Requirements and time limits.


Start time


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