Food Safety Supervisor  - Online/ Correspondence

Terms and Conditions

  1. Payment is accepted by multiple methods through our safe and secure websites payment portal.
  2. For online option : Once payment is made by the participant and accepted by Just Careers Training, the participant must create unique username and password to access the online course.
  3. Payment is non-refundable once payment is accepted.
  4. Course commencement is defined as when the participant’s payment has been accepted. Course duration is 6 months.
  5. Should the participant fail to complete the course within the 6 month time limit, the participants course will expire and a further payment of $50 will be required by the participant to re-activate their online course portal for every 3 months extension.
  6. Participant is required to answer all questions and submit all necessary paper work required to complete the course successfully. The participant will have 3 attempts at this requirement.Failure to meet this requirement will result in a failed completion of the course. The participant may choose to re-attempt the course for an additional payment of $50, however, must do so by contacting Just Careers Training on 1300 558 241 within 7 days of the failed completion, otherwise a full payment is required to re-attempt the course. Information about our appeals process can be found on our website or in the Client/Participant Handbook found on our website and agreed to prior to commencement.
  7. Online Course Option: Supervisor reports must be uploaded to the online portal, we will not accept the Reports by post, nor take any responsibility for posted items. Reports must be submitted before the expiry of the participant’s enrolment.
  8. Print Correspondence: Supervisor reports must be faxed to 1300 558 242, we will not accept the Reports by post, nor take any responsibility for posted items. Reports must be submitted and received by our office before the expiry of the participant’s enrolment.
  9. Once the participant has submitted their supervisor report then they will need to book a Phone Verification. This is a simple process of the trainer verifying the participants identity and conducting a very simple 5 -10 minute assessment over the phone - this ensures that we are issuing the certificate to the right person and that the course was indeed completed by the participant.
  10. Participants may book in for their Phone Verification using our online booking system or by contacting the office. Once booked, the participant will receive a call from their trainer during the nominated time block. The trainer will attempt to call TWICE during this period, after which, if the participant is not reached, or is not ready, the trainer will send an email to the participant advising them that they must rebook their call by contacting the office. It is the participant’s responsibility to contact the office and make this booking. A new booking will need to be made within 14 days of the first booking and a fee of $20 is applicable. If a new verification call is not booked within that time then your course will be cancelled.
  11. The participant needs to book in for their verification call within 1 month of finishing their course and submitting the required documents. Participants that have completed the quiz and uploaded (or faxed) their reports, who do not book in their verification call within 1 months of their course completion date will have their enrolment suspended and will have to pay the extension fee of $50 for every 3 month extension.
  12. 95% of people will meet all the requirements of the course after one phone call with a trainer.At times, the trainer will request additional information or be required to conduct a second phone call. This will attract a fee of $20. Any requirements set out by the trainer will need to be completed with 14 days and a new phone verification (if advised by trainer) will need to be booked in within that time, as well as paying the required fee.
  13. Should the participant require additional time to complete the program then they should contact Just Careers Training as soon as they become aware of this need. In exceptional cases of undue hardship or circumstances then the management of Just Careers Training may offer an extension at no further cost on a case-by-case basis.
  14. The participant may print the Learning Materials once payment has been made and accepted by Just Careers Training, however, all materials and content on this site is protected by copyright and is owned by Just Careers Training. The participant is not permitted under any circumstances to reproduce any materials or content from this site for any other purpose other than for the use by the participant to complete the course.
  15. Participants need to ensure that the course is completed by them and any attempts regardedas dishonest or fraudulent will result in immediate cancellation of enrolment and no refunds will be made. Just Careers Trainings assessment methods ensure that evidence of a participants skills and knowledge is confirmed as "Authentic".
  16. The participant may wish to purchase hard copy course materials. The costs for these materials are $50 per book. This book contains all the Learning Materials bound and in colour. Please contact Just Careers Training on 1300 558 241 to purchase materials.