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Do I have to be working in a pharmacy to do this course?

No. However if you are not working in pharmacy you will need to organise a work placement in a pharmacy. Certificate II requires a minimum of 40 hours (10 hours for the first module, 30 hours for the second module). For Certificate III you will need 40 hours for modules 1 and 2(as above) plus 20 hours for Module 3.

Does the work placement need to be full time?

No. This may be done in blocks of hours, days or continuously. It is best to pace your work placement in line with how much time you will spend studying. The best thing to arrange at least 10 hours for your first module (the more the better), then arrange for the remainder of your placement once you have seen the work required for the course.

Can you help me find a work placement?

You will need to organise your own work placement. The best way to do this is to introduce yourself to a number of pharmacies (better if they are close by or easy for you to get to). Tell them of your ambitions and that you will be undertaking a certificate in pharmacy. This work may be paid or unpaid (voluntary).

Will pharmacies be willing to allow me to do my work placement?

Pharmacies are community centres. We are sure that they will assist you if this is possible. The training company has the required insurances to ensure that you are covered during your work placement. We can provide your host employer with the required documentation.

How long will it take to do the course?

This depends on how quickly you would like to complete the course and how quickly you can meet the course requirements. Some assessments require that you demonstrate your abilities over time (2 weeks for example). The time listed on our website is a good estimate; however it may be done more quickly.

What does the course involve?

Once you have enrolled into the course you will receive clear instructions detailing what you need to do. In summary once you have read the learning material (online or in your book), then you will be required to answer a set of questions relating to the information in your learning materials. You will then have to complete a set of tasks in order to demonstrate that you have the skills covered in your learning materials. You will also be required to get the support of a technical expert (usually the pharmacist and /or supervisor in the workplace) who will sign off on a set of checklist, confirming that you have the required skills and that they have observed you on the job. Once you have completed the questions, tasks and supervisor reports in a module these are submitted to your trainer (uploaded online or sent by post). Your work will be marked and you will then receive a phone call from your assessor to discuss your submissions. If you have met the requirements then you will have attained the units covered by the module.

Is there any government funding for this course?

Yes. If you are in paid employment in a pharmacy and you meet a set of eligibility requirements, then your employer may receive incentives from the government. Some employers will even pay the mandatory enrolment fee required for government funded programs. Please contact is for further information on this. If you are receiving Centrelink Payments, then you may be able to apply for assistance from Centrelink - Please contact Centrelink to find out if you are eligible for any assistance.

What help and support will I get during my study?

You will have unlimited email support, as well as limited phone support during your study. You may arrange for additional support; however the program has been designed to ensure you have the required support.

Can I fail?

The course is competency based, meaning that you will need to demonstrate competency (skills and knowledge over time at the required level). Due to the good design of this course, if you follow the instructions, you will be able to demonstrate competency. When your trainer marks your work, they will contact you and inform you if you have met the requirements. If you have not met the requirements, your trainer will attempt to do this over the phone. If however despite your trainers best attempts you still have not been able to demonstrate competency, you may be required to submit further evidence (redo some questions or tasks for example), There is a reassessment fee should this occur. Please refer to the brochure for your course. Please do remember however, that your trainer is there for your support and in most cases you will not need to resubmit evidence.