Traffic Control Course Summary

This course is designed for you if:

Choose a site and make a booking

Online or by contacting us on 82920111

Receive confirmation email

This is sent to you immediately once you have booked

Access your course online

You will get access to all the required reading course materials. You will find the course much easier if you read and try to understand the learning materials BEFORE you come in

Attend for 1 day* (8:30am until 5pm)

This involves further theory training / assessment at our training centre as well as practical training at our purpose prepared Practical Training Site*.

Receive your Statement of Completion (SOC)

Once you have met all the training requirements you will receive your Statements of Completion (SOC's). This certificate allows you to immediately work in traffic control! SOC's are valid for 90 days

Undertake Final Assessment

In order to receive your photo card (with 3 year expiry) from RMS you will need to:

Undertake Final Assessment on one of our live Sydney work sites. This is available from Monday – Friday and waiting times apply.

Receive your photo card

In order to receive your photo card (with 3 year expiry) from RMS you will need to Complete a Final Assessment on one of our job sites, provide us with a suitable photo and provide a valid USI.

Need further information - simply contact us on 82920111. Please also refer to full course information on our website & the Terms and Conditions on the website.*Practical Training Site is located at a nearby location (around 10-15 min drive) in order to meet Roads and Maritime requirements for practical training requirements. **